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I hired Dennis to help me with a mediation with my now ex husband. We were trying to save money and did the divorce ourselves, and not only did Dennis Cohen give us a gentle win-win mediation, but he also consulted in my filing my divorce papers.

I found Dennis' service to be gentle and caring, and extremely helpful during that very stressful time. He really knows how to deflate an escalation and had both of our best interests at heart. The setting was spectacular too! It's hard to be angry when you're on a beautiful yacht on the bay!

Holly M.

"He was the best fit for us"

Dennis Cohen is a fantastic mediator. I am very grateful to have found him. After all of my leads for mediators fell through I decided to check Yelp. After reading the reviews I decided to call Dennis to ask about how he works with clients. He was so helpful and clear even in a short 10 minute conversation. After calling a couple other people I was sure he was the best fit for us.

His background as an experienced lawyer (and he still currently does do some litigation) was also very helpful because he could provide a legal point of view with a mediators balanced way of looking at things. I think he has a gift for this work. During such a difficult time it was especially helpful to work with someone who was both empathetic and pragmatic. I highly, highly recommend him.

Aloka S.

"I highly recommend Settlement Works"

Dennis helped us through a challenging and painful divorce. We came to an amicable agreement and made it through to the other side with his kindness, patience and expertise. I highly recommend Settlement Works and Dennis Cohen for anyone who wants to end a partnership with kindness and respect.

Suzanne R.

"Dennis was just what we were looking for"

My husband and I tried to work out a divorce settlement on our own, and we quickly realized that we needed a mediator. We had many divorce law related questions and needed someone who could answer our legal questions and mediate for us. Dennis was just what we were looking for and he helped us reach an amicable settlement very quickly.

We both felt Dennis was very fair in the way he approached our disagreements. He would look at both sides of the picture and would explain the pros and cons for each of us. He has a calm demeanor and a generous spirit. I would highly recommend him!

Adino O.

"Dennis far exceeded our expectations"

Dennis' mediation skills really helped make my divorce progress much more smoothly than I anticipated. When my former spouse and I walked onto the boat for our first mediation session, there was a lot of tension and animosity, but Dennis spoke with us together and individually to explain our rights and things we should consider when coming up with our settlement agreement.

In the end, we were able to compromise and remain on friendly terms thanks to Dennis' guidance. In terms of the amount of work done for the money we paid, Dennis far exceeded our expectations and took extra time to answer our questions. I would definitely recommend Settlement Works!

Amanda B.

"He was happy to help us save money"

Dennis Cohen of Settlement Works did a great job in our divorce. His mediation skills were especially helpful. He was able to create a settlement between two people who couldn't even attend the mediation meetings together. Using Dennis to mediate instead of hiring individual lawyers to battle it out saved us an enormous amount of money, time and heartache. Our issues were complicated and there were custody, support and property issues involved. Dennis gave good advice about which issues were worth focusing on and which weren't. I also felt that his advice about what the court would and wouldn't accept in a settlement was useful and accurate.

My experience was that he was happy to help us save money and showed us how to fill out forms and file them ourselves so that we didn't have to pay him to do it. I also found him to be more than reasonable and generous about what he did and didn't bill for. I would highly recommend trying mediation with Dennis before wasting money on individual lawyers who will just drag it out and cost lots of money. He is smart and helpful and can manage even the most volatile of situations.

Sophia A.

"Dennis was fast and accommodating"

I searched pretty thoroughly for someone to help with mediation and legal advice in my divorce. Dennis was very friendly and has a calming demeanor over the phone and in person. We only needed one meeting to get everything rolling in the right direction. After the first meeting we took some more time to come to an agreement we were happy with.

When we were ready to write it up, Dennis was fast and accommodating. Just a few emails back and fourth and we had all we need to finish. Dennis was also very fair in his charging. He wasn't keeping track of every minute and in fact I know he gave us some of his time with no charge. Dennis definitely went above expectations and I am very glad we chose to work with him.

David H.

"We couldn't be happier"

When my ex and I were deciding what to do and separating last year - we were not sure how to do it amicably, cost effectively or how to divide time with our then 3.5 year old. Dennis offered us the most useful, cost-effective advice and we ultimately ended up doing "exactly" what both of us wanted without it costing a fortune, using lawyers and wasting time and energy. Our now 4.5 year old is sharing time with both of us and we couldn't be happier! THANK YOU DENNIS and Settlement Works!!!

Cristina S.

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