Mediation and Conscious Uncoupling

The greatest benefit of mediation is the opportunity for finding fair, practical and workable choices for everyone involved—most particularly, the children. However, quite often, the need for resolution of emotional conflicts may be of equal importance to settling legal issues. For interested couples, Attorney/Mediator Dennis Cohen, who is also a Certified Conscious Uncoupling Coach, offers a holistic approach which utilizes traditional mediation as well as the tenants of Conscious Uncoupling, to support couples in their goal of achieving a healthy, even amicable, post-divorce state of being.

This program challenges and supports couples to replace the traditional feelings of bitterness, mistrust and hopelessness with a transformed sense of cooperation, friendship, and, yes, possibly even love. More fundamentally, it’s a chance to start fresh, by leaving behind the pain and debris of the past. Of course, like anything in life, success is a matter of perspective and choice. For those who embark on this path, the ultimate objective is to complete the past and create a new future.

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