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What is Beyond Mediation?

The greatest benefit of mediation is the opportunity for finding fair, practical and workable choices for everyone involved—most particularly, the children. Often, the need for resolution of emotional conflicts may be of equal or greater importance than settling the legal issues. For this reason, it is often through a holistic approach towards resolution that post-divorce families are finally able to achieve a healthy, amicable state of being. An important benefit of this approach is that people tend to comply with mediated agreements much better than they do orders arrived at through litigation. At Settlement Works, we offer an opportunity for couples to complete and heal the emotional wounds of their divorce, improve their communication skills, and create a forward looking relationship, especially as effective, cooperative co-parents.

In this program, clients work with an attorney/mediator to resolve legal issues. They also work with a therapist/mediator to help with emotional healing, relationship completion, communication difficulties. Coaching on issue related to the future beyond divorce is also an important aspect of the Beyond Mediation program. This may involve issues about lifestyle, dating, new relationships, career moves, empty nest syndrome, loneliness and depression, and the many other non-legal aspects of this life transition. While these issues may be personal to one spouse, they quite often have an impact on the other spouse and the children. Professional support can go a long way to making this change in life an opportunity for positive transformation an empowerment.

At Settlement Works, this program takes the form of an ongoing support group which takes participants through the finality of their marriage. We ensure a process of healing and completion, acknowledgment with understanding and apology with forgiveness. By providing an intentional basis for the new relationship (as co-parents or friends, or by blessing and moving on) couples have the chance to regain their integrity and rebuild a foundation of trust.

This program challenges and supports couples to replace the traditional feelings of bitterness, mistrust and hopelessness with a transformed sense of cooperation, friendship, and, yes, possibly even love. More fundamentally, it’s a chance to start fresh, by leaving behind the pain and debris of the past. Of course, like anything in life, it’s a matter of perspective and choice. For those who embark on the Beyond Mediation program, the ultimate objective is to complete the past and create a new future.